The Vineyard

The vignobles Michel Pion cover an area of 80 hectares, of which over 72 hectares are planted with vines. The Pion family has cultivated vines in the village of Haux since the Napoleonic era, and, until 1914, even made their own barrels for transporting the wines. Today, we try to associate modernity with tradition, to judiciously apply new scientific methods where they can help us mediate with Nature and the Elements.
The grape varieties of our red wines are those found in all the famous Bordeaux wines. The Cabernet Sauvignon has a generous bouquet and good length, a tightly-knit structure and a good tannic base, while the Cabernet Franc brings elegance and an excellent aptitude for ageing. Softer and more supple in its youth than the Cabernets, the Merlot is notable for its fullness and its complexity. Our dry white wine is predominantly Semillon, a lively yet elegant grape. The Sauvignon variety brings a certain freshness, as well as its fruity and sometimes grassy aromas, and a touch of the sweeter Muscadelle adds potent floral aromas. The sweet white wine is 100% Semillon. The last grape to be harvested, this variety gives golden wine, smooth and invigorating.
The irreplaceable know-how that stems from several generations of wine producers is today applied alongside the latest technological equipment and wine-making methods. The harvest is vinified in our large new winery, with its stainless steel vats. An extremely precise control of the temperatures during the fermentation process works together with a strictly traditional method of maceration. The "assemblage", or mixing, of the different grape varieties plays essentially on their complementary nature, the objective being to ensure harmony and balance.